#105 Your Distracted Mind Keeps you Trapped!


Q. I find myself in constant crisis, all my attention goes to putting out my fires. There is always something holding me back from moving forward in my life. It feels like some power has a curse on me and has chained me down and spinning in circles. How can I get out of my hell?

Answer: You are in hell yet it is not fully your fault. But you can get yourself out of your hell the moment you acknowledge that you are the main contributor to your hell state.

When you face a fire, you must take the position of Watcher. Breathe in deeply and avoid your usual reactions. Take a few moments to see the situation. Intend to calm yourself down. From the calm place, you can look at your options. Your reactive mind will be stuck in seeing only one way as the option and you think that is not an option. Your reactive mind is distracted with fears, desires, attachments and confusions. Plus you have a belief that there is a power out there bigger than you, cursing you and holding you back. You must challenge that belief. You say: I am the creator of all my experiences, I am bigger and more powerful than any external power force. I created my problem and I can get myself out of my problem.

Now being established in you as the greatest power over your experiences, you can then ask these questions to address the distracted mind

1. For your fears, Ask: What is the worst case scenario? Can I handle that? What do I need to understand, release or do to handle that worse case scenario?

2. For Desire, ask: What is my desire that is causing this problem? Once you find it. Ask: Am I attached to this desire?

3. For Attachment, ask: What can I let go of to allow myself to return to a normal calm state of mind? If I let go of this, will the fire go out?

4. For Confusion, ask: What part is important in this problem? What part can be put aside til later?

Decide to face the fire, avoid distraction, because distractions leak your energy. Stay focused and decide to take actions that only lead you back to a settled state. You are distracting yourself and leaking energy if you decide to defend yourself or attack others.

Your focused Mind can free you from your Hell.

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