#104 Sing and Raise Your Vibration!


Question: I attended a Hari Krishna Kirtan the other day. They sang their Hari Krishna chant for a long time. We then got up and danced and finished the evening with their offering of tasty homemade food. Usually, a pop song lasts about 5 minutes or less. But they sang for 30 minutes. What is the purpose of singing for so long?

Answer: Chanting is different from singing. There is a science behind chanting. The intention is to connect to your Higher self. What is your higher self? It is the Highest vibration. It takes a while to build the energy in your body. You need to get absorbed in the sound, verbally repeating the mantras which resonate in high frequencies.  By keeping your attention on the sound, using your voice loudly and softly and in different ways, with the intention to connect to your higher Self, you ‘as if” call the Divine or higher Self down to meet you.

We call this Union, Yoga. After building the vibration in your body through chanting, you will experience in your body a state of no thoughts. The duality dissolves. I am sure you experienced that during the kirtan. You felt good, right?

You See, we as humans live in a dualistic perspective. Our souls want our original state which is unity consciousness. Singing mantras is one easy path to that Unity State. Other paths are through the intellect, through meditation, through action, service. But when you chant for long periods of time with the intention for union, This intention pulls the energy up overwhelming and clearing the mind and thoughts. Now you feel full of energy without negative thoughts. You feel joy, this is the raising your vibration through chanting. This is Bhakti, Devotion using the heart energy to expand and clear the moving thoughts so you experience a big wide open space in your body and heart. This is LOVE!

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