Yoga Enlightenment Studies Program

Yoga Philosophy: Study of Eastern and Western scriptures. Discussion on how to live the yoga scriptures in daily life.  Bhagavad Gita’s four Yoga’s: Bhakti: devotion to God, Dhyaan: meditation, Karma: service through action, Gyaan: study of mind, scriptures and Self. The book of study is A PATH WITH HEART by Jack Kornfield.

Therapeutic Yoga: Isolating muscle groups to expose and address misalignments and facial resistances using Hellerwork, Thai Massage, Partner yoga and Somatic adjustments.

Mind Clearing: Learn basic processes for clearing the mind. Clearing in current problems, thoughts, decisions, money, trauma, attitudes and more. Receive and give sessions within the group.

Relationship Work: Explore the deepest heart connection with family, partners, friends and professional relationships. Learn about and clear personal past, present and future relationship boundary violations. Learn how to relate in a couple relationship. Clear your karma from previous relationships. Address sex issues that are getting in the way. Learn about the 3 stages of intimacy in a couple relationship. Clear core issues through experiencing past life regressions. (There is no need for your life partner to be present.) The book of study is INTIMATE COMMUNION by David Deida.

Public Speaking: Develop the art of speaking from your higher self. Speak on topics of meditation, yoga, relationship, enlightenment and more.

YES testimonials

“Participating in the YES program has given me an awareness of not only who I really am, but also what my true life purpose is. My day- to-day outlook on life has changed and I’ve developed a wonderful appreciation for all the blessings surrounding me. Meranda provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in which your spirit can explore and grow. Completing the program has given me an awakening I have been searching for all my life.” NB

Meranda’s vast knowledge on the many different topics covered, her understanding and supportive attitude towards her students and overall positive demeanor makes learning enjoyable. LBP

“Meranda is a strong leader and deeply knowledgeable of her subject matter. YES is a unique and worthwhile educational and personal growth experience.” JM

“The YES Program has significantly changed the way I see the world around me and inside me. It has awakened me to how connected I am to everything, in a way that I feel in my heart verses just think. For the first time in my life I have a true relationship to nature that captures my heart. Thank you Meranda.” CA

Yoga Philosophy

A path with Heart: HW. Read the assigned chapters and mark the points of interest for discussion in class. Integrate each Yoga Path into your life.

Weekend 1: a. Bhagavad Gita 1st of 4 paths: Gyaan Yoga Path of Knowledge (with handouts) b. Discussion and dyads on each of the first 5 chapters of A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield

Weekend 2: a. Bhagavad Gita: 2 of 4 paths:  Karma Yoga: Path of Action (with hand outs) b. Discussion and Meditations on Promises and perils chapters 6-11 of A Path with Heart.

Weekend 3: a. Bhagavad Gita: 3 of 4 paths: Bhakti Yoga: Path of Devotion (with handouts) b. Widening our Circle Chapters 12-20 from A Path with Heart

Weekend 4: a. Bhagavad Gita: 4 of 4 paths: Dhyaan Yoga: Path of Meditation (with handouts) b. Spiritual Maturity chapters 21-23 in A Path with Heart


Somatic Assist and Release Partner Yoga

Half hour of warm up yoga flow. 2 hours of partner yoga and body work. Half hour of wind down yoga flow.

Weekend 1: Shoulders and Neck Releases

Weekend 2: Front and Back body Releases

Weekend 3: Legs and Pelvis releases

Weekend 4: Partner Yoga and Thai Massage


Mind Clearing

Discussion on key principles in Mind Clearing referring to handouts, Communication drills, Clearing aspects of the mind through mind clearing processes set up as clearer and clearee

Weekend 1: Communication Cycle, Clearing Communication Cycle, Initial Processes, The Purpose of Life process

Weekend 2: Current Problem Clearing (HW: Bring a problem that you are currently working on)

Weekend 3: HW. Bring a money current problem. Handouts: Conscious and subconscious Mind. Bring a very stuck problem with others involved. Processes to practice: 1. Unlocking in a current problem 2. Thought Clearing

Weekend 4: Making decisions: Come with a decision or two you need to make. Complete unfinished processes.


Relationship Work

Weekends 1 and 2: Discussions on boundaries, violations and their effect later in life in the present. Weekends 3 and 4: Read David Deida’s Intimate Communion for discussion. Explore where relating and how to improve them. Explore your highest potential in an intimate relationship.

Weekend 1: Clearing boundary violations with a person from the past. Communication to Others: Speaking to that person to regain the loss of power.( HW. Think of someone who while relating to them, you lost your power.)

Weekend 2: Boundaries we cross with others and Karma Clearing. (HW. Think about how you may be crossing someone else’s boundaries.)

Weekend 3: Saturday night: film: Function and Flow with David Deida. Sunday: Model Demo on relationships violations, Discussion on Dynamics of unhealthy power imbalances. Celestine Prophecy Pg 70. Discuss Intimate Communion book first 9 chapters. Handouts for Masculine and Feminine Sexual Essence. Partner exercises with David Deida.

Weekend 4: Saturday night 7-9pm: Surrender Meditation practice. Sunday: Focus on Chapter 11 of Intimate Communion, Practicing Love. Tantra exercises handout. Processing sex issues or God (spiritual) issues.

 HW. Prepare for a Feminine Essence Evening.


Public Speaking

Weekend 1: Prepare a speech about an experience that was transformational for you. Find a way to inspire the listener with something you learned through the experience.

Weekend 2: Choose a quote you like, or a revelation or insight you had and prepare a speech on it.

Weekend 3: Spontaneous speeches that are inspired by taking a question or quote from a hat. Please write a few spiritual questions down for the hat.

Weekend 4: Tell us something that shifted for you as a result of this YES program. Or receive a question from the audience and answer it. Speak spontaneously from the heart in trust that the audience and yourself are one BEING.


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