LOTUS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING September 2016 to June 2017

200 + hour certification with 10 monthly weekend intensives at Lotus Centre plus 2 or 3 overnight weekend retreats.

2016-2017 Weekend hours: Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-5pm

Tuition: $2500.00.

If you would like to be guided in living a yoga lifestyle and supported in a yoga teaching career on an ongoing basis, you can become a Lotus Centre teacher member. As a member you are entitled to use the bartering system. You may barter part of the full tuition with teaching exchange after certification or barter your skills, products or talents with the new city wide bartering system using COD as a currency.

Receiving applicants now for September 2016.


Introduction night:   Friday Sept 16, at 7:30 pm

Tentative 2016, 2017 weekend Dates:

2016: September 23-25     2. October 21-23  3 . November 18-20  4. November 24-28: Enlightenment Retreat

2017: January 6-8     6. January 27-29    7. March 3-5     8. April Mar 31- Apr 2  9. April 13-16: Enlightenment Retreat   10. May 5-7   11. May 20-22: Partner Assist and Release Retreat 12. June 2-4

Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Course focuses on:

Soma yoga: Somatic training, McKenzie body exercises, class format.

Hatha yoga: Posture alignment, partner yoga and press points.

Other course training:

Yoga Philosophy sessions, Yoga Cleansing Diet workshop, Pranayama exercises, Centering practice, yoga class language, chanting and drumming sessions, yoga books and DVD study, Beginners Meditation course, Anatomy and Physiology with trained facilitators, teacher sharing, Therapeutic yoga retreat, Enlightenment retreat.

Course certification includes: Anatomy exam, 2 yoga philosophy exams, yoga diet test, 15 practicum classes, a class critiqued and a yoga project.

Take root in our Lotus Garden. Experience the warm nurturing community that fosters evolution of consciousness while your seed matures into your own unique expression of yoga.

Three areas of Yoga:

  1. Soma Yoga Training: Somayog is an innovative technique that blends the ancient art of Hatha yoga and leading contemporary techniques, such as Somatics and the McKenzie Method. This unique combination of techniques adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. Based on the principle of cross training, the technique provides students with an opportunity for exponential growth. Somayog awakens the sensory awareness and fine tunes the ability to feel and control certain muscles or muscle groups — thus initiating a journey of self-discovery that starts in the physical body but will also bring about praanic, emotional and spiritual unfoldment.

Training will focus on Somatic education, instructing how to teach the exercises and how to perform some of the basic manipulations that can assist students in their learning process, giving a greater insight into the inner workings of the technique that will be useful for teachers and students alike. Lotus Centre Teachers will receive a Lotus Yoga Teacher Training certificate.

  1. Hatha Yoga Training: Mastering Hatha yoga Asanas result in perfection on physical and mental aspects.
 Stability is attained while moving the body into a posture and holding while the muscles relax with the help of the breath.
Comfort is achieved while maintaining the asana comfortably while breathing deeply.
Progressive relaxation of the muscles results in experiencing the bliss that is produced as the muscles release deeply.
Higher States of Consciousness start to open up as one transcends the physical experience into a natural flow of movement guided from within.

In this course, you will deepen your own practice and will learn how to safely teach Hatha yoga to beginner students with modifications and variations. Teachers will learn how muscles are used in each posture, how to use press points, prepare the body with warm ups and how to use language while instructing a class. Teachers will develop a class to teach for adults and teenagers.

Other Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Areas to be Covered….

Yoga Philosophy

The Lotus Centre is about teaching and living by example the Yoga lifestyle and the philosophy of Unity Awareness. Yoga Philosophy will give the teachers the inspiration and ground upon which to live their own life in the Yoga lifestyle.

Shared yoga Training sessions

Teacher trainees meet at separate times to review and share their knowledge either from the training or from other experienced sources to support each other in yoga growth and knowledge.

Yoga Cleansing Diet

A workshop in learning how to do a juice fast to cleanse the body from accumulated toxins and parasites. A three day group fast is organized.

Pranayam and Centering

Learn a variety of breathing techniques for beginners and advanced student practice. Develop the ability to centre students’ attention at the beginning of the class.


Participate in Lotus Centre Sunday Chants and learn how to facilitate chants for yoga classes or for personal practice.

Beginners Meditation Course

This 4 class Course will introduce 4 meditation techniques and will give the new meditator a real basis to begin a practice of meditation. Teachers may use these techniques in the yoga class or for a personal lifestyle practice.

Anatomy and Physiology

Learn how muscles and bones are relating to the postures. Understand how respiration is affected by breathing. Learn how the body organs and systems are inter-related for healthy functioning.

Workshops: Chakra Dance, Muscles and Alignment in Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Business of Yoga.

Complete Check sheet for certification


  1. 25 hrs of Somatics and Soma yoga training _________
  2. 12+ hours of Anatomy in Soma and Hatha training _______
  3. 25 hours of Hatha yoga training _________
  4. 20 hours Philosophy _________
  5. Beginners Meditation Course (4 classes)_________
  6. 5 Chanting sessions (minimum) ___________
  7. Breathing and Centering _________
  8. Turning Water into Words ________
  9. Daily personal practice (yoga and meditation) _________
  10. 1 yoga class critiqued ________
  11. Taught a somatic exercise _________
  12. Completed 20 Lotus Centre classes ________
  13. Cleansing yoga Diet and 3 day fast _________
  14. 8 Outside yoga classes _________
  15. 4 Guided Wednesday meditation sessions________
  16. 3 day Enlightenment retreat_________
  17. Partner Assist and Release Yoga retreat ________
  18. Completed written anatomy exam _______
  19. Completed Philosophy exam _________
  20. Completed yoga project __________
  21. Books read & recommended for this Yoga teacher training: Ask meranda for this list.
  22. Other spiritual activities recommended for this training: 1. ____________ 2. _______________ 3. __________ 4._____________
  23. DVD’s studied: 1. __________ 2. ___________ 3.___________
  24. 10 practicum classes. Soma______ Hatha ______
  25. Feldenkrais 5 hour workshop or classes___________


Training will emphasize the yoga teacher’s natural inclination in one or more of the three types of yoga. Eg. If the student teacher wants to work with children, more practicums will be within the schools or yoga parties.

If the teacher is more comfortable with elders or beginners, practicums will be teaching Soma yoga. If they want to teach more fit adults, practicums will be for Hatha yoga.

Evaluation will be based on written anatomy exam, yoga philosophy exams, yoga projects, practicums. Practicums will be organized according to the teachers’ area of preference and locations available to teach.

After certification for members: The Lotus Centre will look within the community to create yoga teaching opportunities for the newly certified teachers in all three yoga areas.

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