To learn more about Mind clearing training.

Training in:
Creating the supportive environment
Ethics for Clearers
Client assessment and establishing rapport
Beginning and ending sessions
Managing the Communication Cycle
Basic processes for clearing current problems
, relationship clearing
, guilt clearing
When to run a process and when to end it
Setting up a Clearing practice of your own
Certificate on completion of the course material.

Prerequisites: complete an intake interview with Meranda.

Clearing training involves receiving Clearing sessions from trained Clearers. The cost for these sessions varies and there is no time limit on receiving them. Enquire further for details.

The potential: Clearing training is an investment in professional skills that has the potential for significant future earnings and work satisfaction. Successful students have the choice to give Clearing sessions full time or part-time. Many apply Clearing principles and techniques to their business and career. Clearing has many direct and indirect applications. It is excellent basic training for anyone interested in going into any of the compassion fields.

Beyond the Basics of Clearing: (Year 2 and 3 will train the therapist to handle all types of clients.) This Basics of Clearing training fulfills the prerequisites for the Clearing Course Years II and III, and training in Emotion Clearing and Couples Clearing.


Check out the YES program for the prerequisite for Basics of Mind Clearing Training. Take the Mind Clearing and Relationship Modules. Receive preset instructions on specific life topics to clear: current problems, incomplete communications to others, boundary violations, life purpose, relationship issues, karma, trauma and more.


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