Freedom From Anxiety

Freedom From Anxiety March 29, 2017   Questioner: How do I deal with my Anxiety? I can’t trust myself anymore to make the right decisions. It feels all my past decisions have gone wrong and I am drained and stuck. I don’t trust others, they’ve let me down. But I also want to trust. I’m […]

The purpose of my life is to Raise Consciousness

The purpose of my life is to Raise Consciousness    June 27, 2015 Since a child living at the Ferryland Lighthouse, I’ve been spiritually inclined. My father, Gerald Squires a well-known artist and my mother Gail, a potter with my sister, Esther, a singer at the time were my artistic and spiritual family. I watched my […]

Being OK with me is Enough

Being Ok with me is Enough.   December 2015   I visited a past life recently in which I was a man who had acted sexually inappropriately in a community I lived in. I was excommunicated for my bad deeds. I felt incredible shame for what I had done and felt extremely alienated by my […]

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