About The Lotus Centre


Meranda Squires grew up in the Ferryland lighthouse on the East Coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Meditation, dance and creativity were naturally inspired by her surroundings of the open and spacious habitat, and her artistic parents, Gerald and Gail Squires. In 1983, Meranda traveled to India and stayed for seventeen years to pursue an in depth study of meditation, Yoga and Vedant philosophy. She returned in 2000 to establish her spiritual centre. The Lotus Centre and Gerald Squires Fine Art Gallery are located at 52 Prescott Street in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Meranda is certified as a teacher of Advanced Studies in Yoga Science, Vedant Philosophy and the Theory and Practice of Meditation, a Soma Yoga Instructor from Kullu, HP. India, a certified Thai-yoga bodywork practitioner from Chaing Mai, Thailand, and a certified Enlightenment Master, a Mind Clearer, Couples Mind Clearer and Counselor with Lawrence Noyes Seminars, USA. Her Lotus Centre is a Yoga Alliance certified training school, training 10 to 15 yoga teachers yearly. She offers trainings in personal and professional development such as the Yoga Enlightenment Studies program and the Basics of Mind Clearing. She holds workshops and retreats from Yoga and Meditation to Enlightenment, from Yoga Diet to exploring Past lives. Meranda’s Lotus Centre offers a truly authentic eastern practice in yoga and meditation offering classes and training courses from beginner meditation all the way up to yoga instructor training.

Meranda’s life purpose is to create community, raise consciousness and empower others to live their souls’ true freedom.

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Meranda combines eastern practices in Yoga and Meditation to inspire personal and professional development in a yogi inspired environment. Come for one class or sign-up for a Lotus Centre membership.

Yoga Lifestyle Classes



SOMA YOGA (Level 1)

SOMAYOGA  ( Level 1) is about creating awareness in the living body, designed to awaken the intelligence of the body. It is a gentle and conscious form of stretching which integrates somatic exercises, hatha yoga and MacKenzie alignment techniques. The techniques are sophisticated yet safe and simple to benefit everyone with much or little body work experience.

Soma yoga develops the ability to feel and control muscle groups that previously could not be controlled due to sensory motor amnesia. It is effective in improving many types of back, hip and shoulder joints, neck or other structural problems due to bad posture and traumatic stress.  The classes are relaxing and meditative. No yoga experience needed. Loose clothing recommended. Mondays: 9:30-11am, 5:30-7pm. 

FIERCE LOTUS FLOW (Level 3) Challenging Hatha postures in a meditative state of flow, raising vibration and meeting your edge through the sustained holding of postures in sequences. Serious yoga students and yoga teachers benefit from meeting their edge in strength, flexibility, energy, deepened breath, balance, focus and clarity of mind.
Mats available. Tuesdays 5:30-7pm.

Yoga classes are 1hr 30 minutes in duration. $15 drop in. $70 for 5 class pass. $130 for 10 class pass.

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Soma Yoga online video

If you would like to have the experience of our Soma Yoga class from the comfort of your own home then why not try out our special online video through Vimeo.

Learn more about them here.

Sunday Sacred Chant Circle

Experience a musical ‘high’ through singing sacred songs in Sanskrit, English or from other cultures opens our heart, and allow us to tune in to the Universal beat. Chanting is a mode of spiritual participation and transformation.
We still the mind by repeating sacred sounds.
Join our instrumental musical circle, follow your bliss, explore your voice, and increase your vibratory level.
Bring your friends! $15 drop in or Donation

Lotus Centre: Ongoing Sundays 7:30-9:30pm

The Lantern: Saturday, April 14, 7-9pm, 2018

MUN Landing: Saturday, May 12, 7-9pm, 2018

586 Yoga, 586 Water Street: Saturday, June 16, 7-9pm, 2018

Ocean View Gallery, Carbonear: Friday, July 20, 7-9pm, 2018

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Monday Dyad Night

Find your voice of empowerment with a two person communication technique within a group setting. We clear the mind of current problems or stuck issues. Instruction: Tell me what is occurring for you. Mondays 7:15 – 9:30pm. $15 drop in

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Wednesday Meditation

Discover the benefits of meditation – click here.


These sessions start with a 45 minute silent meditation moving into “Truth Speaks” discussions on topics assisting us to live an empowering life, ending with another 15 minute meditation. Wednesdays 7:15-9:30pm. $15 or donation

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Thursday Science of Yoga Philosophy

Starts April 5th, 2018.

The Science of Yoga is India’s revered scripture of Patanjali, from which the 8 limbs of Yoga has been popularized in all Yoga Teacher Trainings. For yoga students, yoga teachers, meditators and the spiritually inclined.

Study two verses per class with handouts. Special breath exercise. Chanting the Sanskrit sutras. Comparisons with Buddhist principles. Discussion and meditation.

Transform your thinking. Study the language of the spirit.

Thursdays 6:30-8: 30 pm. April, May and June 2018. Drop in or Join anytime.

$60 for 4 classes or $15 drop in

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Friday Spiritual Movie Night

Join us for viewing a feature film with meditation, discussion, tea and popcorn. Bring your friends! Fridays once a month. 7-9pm $15 or Donation

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Lotus Retreats

Yoga, Meditation, Enlightenment Intensives and other retreats are held in Holyrood or Tree of Life, Salmonier Line, in a natural setting to enhance the powerful spiritual growth effect.

Meditation Retreats

Half Day Meditation   
Sunday, April 18, 8am-12noon, 2018
Observe your thoughts and drift away from your day-to-day with an all-inclusive meditation experience.    $40 for half day

8-9am – Yoga Class
9-9:55am – Meditation 1
9:55-10:05 – Walking meditation /snack
10:05-10:55am – Meditation 2
10:55-11:05am – Walking meditation
11:05-12pm – Meditation 3

YOGA DIET RAW FOOD YOGA AND MEDITATION RETREAT: Introduce Live Raw foods into your Diet!

When: Friday, June 29 at 5pm to Monday, July 3 at 2 pm

Where: Tree of Life Retreat Centre, Salmonier Line, St. Mary’s Bay (1 hour from St. John’s)

Investment: Full retreat $250; 1 overnight + day $125; 1 day (8am-9pm) $95

Learn how to purify the body through juice fasting, yoga diet, parasite cleansing, transitional dieting, food combining, sprouting, lifestyle food guidelines and preparing raw food using your raw food recipe booklet.

Explore yoga lifestyle practices to integrate and improve your yoga diet:

    • Accommodations
    • 2 daily Yoga sessions to open, relax and recharge your body.
    • Meditation to create space for insights.
    • Yoga Philosophy to receive knowledge in Yoga Diet.
    • Dyads to contemplate and communicate your Yoga Diet questions.
    • Karma Yoga to connect to the earth.
    • Nature walks to create space to feel life.
    • Writing to pull your thoughts together.
    • Vegetarian raw meals to lighten your body and mind. Prepared together onsite.
    • Group sharing to share and reflect on your yoga diet.

Our schedule will be:


5pm: Yoga

6pm: Supper

7pm: Yoga Diet Workshop

Saturday and Sunday  (5pm)

7-9am: Yoga and meditation

9-10am Breakfast: Raw food preparation

10-1pm: Yoga Diet workshop, writing, discussion, and nature walk

1-2pm Lunch: Raw food preparation

2-5pm: Karma yoga, meditation, write or nature walk, or waterfall

5-6pm: Yoga

6-7pm: Supper: Raw food preparation

7-10pm: Yoga philosophy, chant, meditation, dyads, sharing.

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Enlightenment Intensive Retreats

Participants are supported and guided through the many Stages of Enlightenment work using the enlightenment technique cutting through the barriers to Enlightenment.


Summer at Tree of Life, Salmonier Line

3 days: July 26-30.( Thursday 6pm to Monday 12noon) $350

7 days: July 26 – August 3 ( Thursday 6pm to Friday 12noon.) $550

The Enlightenment Intensive is a unique and powerful retreat format designed to take you on a journey through and beyond the Grand Story of My Life and into a direct experience of the You behind the scenes. Focused by a rigorous and highly structured environment in which distractions are minimized, you have the opportunity to look bravely inward, to achieve intimacy with the totality of your human self, and to directly experience who you really are.

Like brilliant actors, each of us is thoroughly and completely absorbed in playing the star role of the Grand Story of My Life. We conceive ourselves as protagonist and author of our fondest joys, our darkest despairs; our proudest accomplishments, and our most sorrowful regrets. Each day, our experience is guided by our hopes and fears; our insights as much as our neuroses. But is this really who we are? Is this our true self?

“Practice is intimacy with the full range of our humanity – the silence is finally touched, spaciousness is accessed, and we realize it’s okay. All of it.” — Ryushin 

Designed by Americans Charles and Ava Berner, the Enlightenment Intensive retreat combines the centuries-old structure of a Zen sesshin with the modern dyad technique of direct communication and deep listening. It is a sacred, protected space for you to contemplate, clear your mind, communicate what’s true for you, connect deeply with others, and be removed from the stresses of daily life. This is a chance to directly experience the truth of who you really are!

Accommodation included, contribution to vegetarian meals is appreciated. A payment plan is possible. See More about Enlightenment Intensives

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Yoga Retreats



June 8-10, 2018

Friday, 6pm- Sunday, 5pm for a 2 1/2 day retreat.

A fun and explorative retreat for yoga students and yoga teachers. Isolating muscle groups to expose and address misalignments and facial resistances using Hellerwork, Thai Massage, Partner yoga and Somatic adjustments.
The body areas to be addressed:  Pectorals, Trapezius, Deltoids, neck, Rhomboids, back extensors, scoliosis, Iliopsoas, hamstrings, Piriformis, Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum, knees, walking and more.
Your yoga students could receive quick and efficient releases from you that your yoga class may not be able to address!
6 workshops with walking, evening dance, vegetarian meals, and socializing.
$250 accommodation included plus meal contribution.

Other Retreats

 OPEN HEART RETREAT with Hirdaya Priya from India

 Saturday, July 21, 12noon-8pm, 2018 

Tree of Life, Salmonier Line

CONQUERING DOUBT:  Doubt robs us of our inherent power and makes us weak in both thought and action.
This workshop offers an in-depth understanding of the mind with user-friendly techniques to apply for conquering doubt. The result is your own doubtless power – accessible, and easy to apply in your daily life.

Meals, Yoga, Conquering Doubt workshop, Nature walks, Evening campfire singalong

One Day Retreat: $75

HEART WORKSHOP with Hirdaya Priya from India

Sunday, July 22, 1-5pm, Lotus Centre

THE LIVING GITA: The message of the Bhagavad Gita is timeless, and practical. The dialogue between Krishna, the enlightened master, and Arjun, the questioning and doubtful disciple, takes place on a battlefield, which serves as a metaphor for the struggle between ignorance and knowledge that exists in every person’s mind.
With interactive discussion and inquiry, we will explore the Gita’s message and themes, particularly non-doership, emphasizing their personal and universal relevance.

1 – 2 pm: Yoga
2 – 5 pm: The Living Gita


The Benefits of Retreats

What is a retreat?

A structured exclusive setting (generally in the country) where basic food and accommodations are cared for by the facility to give the participant the time to reflect, contemplate, recuperate and rest. Often participants are expected to participate in a particular practice or technique led by the facilitator of the retreat.

What’s the value of doing a retreat?

Retreats give a person the opportunity to be transformed in their perspective of life, to emerge with renewed energy, to experience the excitement of new future possibilities resulting from the inner shift in consciousness.

What kind of retreat should I do and how often?

There are retreats in yoga, meditation, relationship work, enlightenment technique, energy healing and more. If you are new at this, try a retreat that gives you a taste of a variety of practices. When you’ve discovered the style of practice that suits you, it is suggested that you do a retreat that focuses on one technique so that you can experience the purity that is inherent in that practice. The most profound experiences to be had on retreats are when you’re ready to surrender into the technique being practiced and you give everything you’ve got, moving through all resistances, to complete the duration of the retreat. It is recommended to do at least one long retreat a year (7 days to a month). If your time and finances allow more, then do another 3 shorter retreats (minimum 3 days long) in the year.

The Benefits of Nature

How are we interconnected with Nature?

Nature supports all life. Without nature, we cannot breathe or eat.

How does connecting with nature benefit me spiritually?

Today we are forgetting the power of nature to ground us. Our minds spend hours each day living in virtual experiences such as television, computers, and other communication devices. This leads to a sense of emptiness or disconnectedness because our bodies are no longer touching and acknowledging the realness of the earth that made us. We are body beings; we need to be grounded by playing in the earth. Interacting with the Earth activates our feminine expression while computers and such devices activate our masculine side. We have lost this balance of masculine and feminine. Spending quality time in nature will unite us with our whole being quicker than any technique or practice because it is the Wholeness itself, it is Spirit itself.



Workshops At The Lotus Centre

The Lotus Centre offers multiple workshops focused around living the yogi lifestyle.

Past Life Workshop

Past Life Workshop

Opening up to the reality that we have many lives. Sometimes the challenges we experience today may have begun in some previous life. This workshop teaches you how to lead another into a past life experience. Learning tips and information about entering a past life, you become prepared to follow your energetic patterning into a past life. Both people experience guiding and receiving a past life experience. We end with each sharing an important point that possibly relates to a present life situation.

This is a sacred experience and it may continue to mature in you for days after the experience. Fun and addictive! You’ll want to keep finding out more about your own past lives and then even your future lives! That’s for future workshops and sharings!

Saturday March 17, 2018 10-4pm $50

To enroll directly, send an email transfer to m_squires@nf.sympatico.ca.

For inquires, click the enroll button.

Introduction to Meditation Practice

Introduction to Meditation Practice Workshop

Sunday TBA

For beginner meditators.

Learn how to sit in the posture best suited for you. Learn a a meditation technique for your future home practice. Silent sitting periods with breaks of walking meditation practice. This workshop is good for new meditators needing a quick insight to the basics of daily meditation practice. 3 hours: $40

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Partner Yoga Morning


To be Announced


Warm up with a yoga flow, partner up for giving and receiving Somatic releases on shoulders, neck and upper back, ending with a relaxation and a guided meditation. Come alone and partner up with another present or bring a partner. It’s like going to the Spa for the weekend morning! 3 hours: $40

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Yoga Cleansing Diet

Yoga Cleansing Diet workshop

April 21, 2018   1–5pm

Learn how to purify the body through juice fasting, yoga diet, parasite cleanse, transitional dieting, food combining, lifestyle food guidelines and more. A group fast will be organized for supportive participation.  $75

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

Thai Yoga Massage workshop

April 14, 2018

Come alone or with a partner and learn how to give and receive a Thai yoga massage. Thai Massage integrates yoga stretching, gentle rocking, acupressure of energy lines and rhythmic compressions to create a unique and spiritual massage experience. Loose clothing is recommended.

4 hour workshop $80

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Training At The Lotus Centre

If you would like to be trained in living a yoga lifestyle with a yoga teaching career or if you are looking for some professional and personal development, the Lotus Centre has something for you.

Yoga Teacher Training

The Lotus Centre is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified school.

The Lotus Centre is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified school.


Lotus Yoga Teacher Training
You can be guided in living a yoga lifestyle and supported in a yoga teaching career on an ongoing basis. This is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification training. 

$2500 for 11 weekends including two retreats. $250 deposit on Introductory evening. Each weekend training: $200. Somatic Assist Retreat: $250, Enlightenment Retreat: $350

Next Training: September 2018 – June 2019:

Introduction to Lotus YTT evening: Sept 8, Friday 6-8pm, 2018

A tentative Fall 2018 schedule could be:
September 14-16 YTT1, Sept 28-30 YTT2
Oct 12-14 YTT 3, Oct 26-28 YTT 4
November 8-12 (EI retreat), Nov 23-25 YTT 5.

Weekend training is scheduled for every second weekend to give out of town students an opportunity to stay in town and complete the required yoga, meditation and chanting sessions during the week. No Training weekends during December, January and February. But these months will be time for starting yoga teaching practicums, personal study for exams, group study get togethers. No worry about cancellations due to weather and travel during the winter.

A tentative Spring 2018 schedule could be:
March 1-3 YTT 6, March 15-17 YTT 7
April 4-8 (EI Retreat), April 26-28 YTT8
May 24-26 ( Somatic Assist retreat), June 7-9 YTT9

Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Course focuses on:

Soma yoga: Somatic training, McKenzie body exercises, class format.

Hatha yoga: Posture alignment, partner yoga and press points

Other course training: Yoga Philosophy sessions, Yoga Cleansing Diet workshop, Pranayama exercises, Centering, yoga class language, chanting and drumming sessions, yoga books, Beginners Meditation course, Anatomy and Physiology with trained facilitators, teacher sharing, Partner Assist and Release yoga retreat, Enlightenment Intensive retreat.

Course certification includes: Anatomy exam, Yoga philosophy exam, 15 practicum classes, a class critiqued and a yoga project.
Take root in our Lotus Garden. Experience the warm nurturing community that fosters evolution of consciousness while your seed matures into your own unique expression of yoga. See here for testimonials. See here for more information.

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Meditation Teacher Training


This Universal Meditation training will equip you in becoming confident in guiding meditation in groups or in private sessions for personal or professional purposes.

This certification course will train you in…

Basics of Universal meditation teaching, 3 types of teachers, Difference between relaxation, visualization and meditation, Meditation Language styles, How to lead for difference audiences, Prayer and Meditation, How to handle challenges in the group setting, Introducing Philosophy, Philosophy of teaching, How to use the breath and voice, and more.

Student teachers must complete 8 practicum sessions teaching meditation to one or more persons for certification.
Students must complete the Lotus Beginners Meditation Course as a prerequisite for Meditation Teacher Training.

Five 3 hour sessions for certification. Once every three weeks at the Lotus Centre.

Tuesdays 7:15-10pm. March 20, April 17, May 15, June 5 and June 26.  $350.00

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Beginners Meditation Course

This Beginners Meditation course gives the new meditator a good foundation to begin the practice of meditation. Each week we focus on one technique with two weeks to practice.
Week 1: Breath. Week 2: Mantra. Week 3: Vipassana. Week 4: Visualization.
The meditator will choose the technique that resonates best with them for their ongoing practice.

Next Course: September, 2018. Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm. $150 
September 25, October 9, 23, November 6,  2018.

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Yoga Enlightenment Studies Program


The Yoga Enlightenment Studies (YES) program is an advanced spiritual course. It is an opportunity for truth seekers to engage in a real, expansive spiritual study within a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Next YES weekends: TBA

1. Yoga Philosophy Fridays: 6-9pm $35
2. Therapeutic Yoga Saturdays: 9:30-12noon:$35
3. Mind Clearing Saturdays: 1-5pm $50
4. Relationship Work Sundays: 9:30- 2pm $50
5. Public Speaking Sunday: 2:30-4:30pm $20

Full weekend: $175

The YES program is designed for these truth seekers to become spiritual masters by further developing their intuitive and practical skills as counselors, teachers, facilitators, guides and healers. See here for more information and testimonials.

For inquiries and to enroll with email transfer, click the Enroll Now button.

Mind Clearing Training


Year 1 Basics of Clearing Certification Course.
This course is to prepare the therapist for the basics of Mind Clearing. The new therapist will be able to give basic mind clearing sessions.

Next Training: TBA ( If interested, please enquire)

Cost: $2500

The Basics of Clearing Course
In this training you will gain top tier education on interpersonal communication, the inner workings of the mind, and the nature of the true individual. You will learn proven methods under personal guidance as your experience and confidence grows.

This course gives you:
– 85 hours of class training, 5 privates with Meranda, 15 hours receiving sessions, 15 hours giving sessions.

– Guided experience giving and receiving basic Clearing Sessions.
– Training drills that increase your ability to work with people while staying in real communication.
To learn more about Mind Clearing training, click here.

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.



Private Sessions

Meranda provides private sessions which are matured from her rich in-depth knowledge of eastern practices and living a yoga lifestyle in India and in the west. You can book and view our sessions here.

Mind Clearing

Mind Clearing one on one: For clients wanting to clear current problems, relationship issues, stuck conditions, difficult life transitions, traumatic incidents, sudden losses, major changes in lifestyle, making a decision, life purpose, money, trauma, bad karma and more. 1 1/2hrs $70 per session, 5 sessions: $275

Couples Mind Clearing: Clears and trains couples in the art of understanding, finding agreements, solving problems, developing communication skills and learning about male and female psychological functioning while relating. Through couples clearing, you have a potential to fulfill your higher purpose with your loved one. 1 1/2hrs $75 per session, 5 sessions: $300

Private sessions are available daytime at 11am, 1pm, 3pm or some evenings and some weekends. Please contact me through phone 739-4429 or email to set up an appointment.

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Thai Yoga Massage Treatment

Gentle rocking, deep yoga stretching, acupressure of energy lines and rhythmic compressions together create a unique therapeutic and relaxing massage experience.

Private sessions are available daytimes 11am, 1pm, 3pm or some evenings and some weekends for $80. Please contact me through phone 739-4429 or email to set up an appointment.

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Somatic Yoga

Private Somatic Yoga

These one-on-one sessions help the new yoga student find relief in body spasms and resistances and to learn a specific routine for personal practice. Sometimes this session can be helpful before starting a group yoga class.

$40 one hour

For inquiries, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Body Mind Spirit Personalized

Lotus Body Mind Spirit Personalized Programs

Are you experiencing stress? Do you need direction in your life? Are you having trouble experiencing your full potential?

Book your FREE 30 minute body, mind, spirit consultation with the Lotus Centre. Let us help you design a personalized lifestyle that will guide you.

Programs can include any combination of…. Cleanses, Yoga, Mind clearing, Meditation, Communication exercises, Yoga philosophy

Designed Packages can include: Private sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, personal practices and recommended references to complementary professionals in the community.

We will assess your situation and arrange your private consultation at the earliest convenience to us both.

Optimize Your Life

Optimize Your Life are experiential programs using dialogue, writing, handouts, one-on-one reflection, group discussion and activities to take home.

You will access the core of your personal issues and develop your ability to relate to life and others increasing your overall positive experience in life.

Our programs can come to you. Simply contact us to discuss session format, preferred time, location, arrangements, scheduling and fees.  The fee for outsourced programs are to be negotiated.

3-5 hour workshops

Full day seminars


6 – 10 week (3hr) sessions

Find Your Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose

This workshop will inspire you and help you identify your purpose in life by revealing your hidden passion and talents.  Once you have uncovered your purpose, you can begin to develop personal goals and action steps to align with your purpose. This process can be extremely empowering, as it helps you to move forward in your life.


FEE: $45

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Freedom from Anxiety

Freedom from Anxiety

Do you feel you don’t trust your own judgement? Don’t trust others? Is your life flailing because you can’t make a decision? You fear any decision you make could cost you more great loss?

Have you compromised in any of these areas? Sleep, Exercise, Food, Energy, Time and Money?

Find freedom from anxiety by learning how to protect your personal boundaries. Learn about the three yoga modes of life and apply it to these 6 areas for optimal life experience.  This workshop will shift your energy from a victim to the Empowered One.

 FEE: $75  including lectures, handouts, dialogue and writing exercises.

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Building Self Esteem

Building Self Esteem

Are you feeling disempowered? Feeling controlled by others and even outside forces?  Do you feel you have a lot of bad luck? Do you have a voice that tells you, ” You’re not good enough.” Do you sabotage yourself by thinking, ” I’ll probably fail anyway so I won’t invest too much.” Do you believe, “It’s no wonder people don’t love me, I know there’s something deeply wrong with me.” Do you feel it’s usually your fault when something goes wrong?

Lack of Self Esteem is the lack of boundaries being respected in our relationships. Rebuilding how we relate will build our Self-Esteem.

This weekend workshop will help you take back the self that was lost through childhood boundary violations. You will learn how to manage present day personal boundaries,  and also release guilt and regrets you may carry from violating the boundaries of others.   Participants have reported that they feel a tremendous weight off their shoulders and a renewed sense of self, allowing them to move forward more positively in their life.

FEE: $75

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Money and Your Life

Money and Your Life

This course is not about becoming rich, this course is about how you can experience wealth by optimizing your lifestyle, clearing your emotional barriers, identifying your blueprint, managing your money, creating active and passive incomes, integrating wealth principles, creating a vision, goals, action steps and making decisions for manifesting your financial freedom.

This is a 6 evening session program. Drawing from a range of teachings and practices we will help you gain personal power and overcome the internal and external barriers that are keeping you from a healthy, independent and stable financial life. This full program will transform your present money disabilities into a living dream!

SCHEDULE:  6 Thursday evenings, 6-9pm: March 15, 22, April 12, 19, May 3, 10, 2018
FEE: $300 includes lectures, handouts, dialogue, writing exercises, group ongoing accountability support.


“This program is an incredibly profound experience for those aiming to take control of their finances and work towards a more fulfilling life. Ever since beginning Money And Your Life program, I have experienced so much personal growth in every area of my life. I now have the tools I need to manage my finances and feel financially abundant which is empowering. It has helped me make better choices in how I spend and save my money. I find myself taking control of my finances rather than having my financial burdens control me. I can’t recommend this program enough. It has been exactly what I needed to get myself back on track.” – Rozalind MacPhail

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Rebuilding Self-Esteem

Rebuilding Self-Esteem

Do you feel like a failure? Depressed, dis-empowered, or controlled by outside forces? Does something feel wrong?

This workshop will clear patterns of depression and improve self-esteem. You will take back the self that was lost through childhood boundary violations and will learn how to manage present day personal boundaries. You will release your guilt and regret and return to your life with a heavy weight off your shoulders and a strong sense of revived self.

FEE:  $75

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Healing the Heart

Healing the Heart

When Love has gone wrong!

We all know how important love is, how it brings us closer to the other, and to ourselves.   But sometimes love goes wrong.   And when it does, it leaves hurt and confusion in its wake.   This group session will help you process and move beyond the turmoil and heal your heart.   This full-day group session will bring you together with others, to help each other in this process, using techniques that include dialogue, writing, one-on-one reflection and activities to take away and continue working through.

FEE: $75

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.

Moving Through Grief

Moving Through Grief

Are you experiencing a loss that you are unable to heal due to feelings, confusions, secrets, loss of control, isolation, resentment or punishment? Touching on each of the 5 stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, you will contact the loss within you and cleanse your emotional hooks and lift your heart with a new gift.

FEE:  $75

For inquires, to enroll directly, or to send an email transfer, click the enroll button.




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