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Meranda Squires spent 17 years in India before starting the Lotus Centre in 2000 after studying advanced Yoga Science, Vedant Philosophy and the Theory and Practice of Meditation. Meranda offers a truly authentic eastern practice in yoga and meditation offering classes and training courses from beginner meditation all the way up to yoga instructor training.

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Classes At The Lotus Centre

Meranda combines eastern practices in Yoga and Meditation to inspire personal and professional development in a yogi inspired environment. Come for one class or sign-up for a Lotus Centre membership.

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These sessions start with a 45 minute silent meditation moving into “Truth Speaks” discussions on topics assisting us to live an empowering life, ending with another 15 minute meditation. Wednesdays 7:15-9:30pm. $15 or donation

Discover the benefits of Yoga here.

SOMA YOGA (Level 1) SOMAYOGA is a gentle and conscious form of stretching which integrates somatic exercises, hatha yoga and MacKenzie alignment techniques. It is designed to awaken the intelligence of the body. Soma means ‘living body’ and yoga means ‘awareness’. The techniques are sophisticated yet safe and simple to benefit everyone with much or little body work experience. The practice of somayoga develops the ability to feel and control muscle groups that previously could not be controlled due to sensory motor amnesia. It is effective in improving many types of back, neck or other structural problems due to bad posture and it can improve traumatic stress due to injury. It also has emphasis on opening the hip joints to create more fluidity and movement. The classes include relaxation intervals creating a peaceful state of mind with most of the exercises lying on the floor. There is a short meditation at the end. No yoga experience needed. Loose clothing recommended.

LOTUS FLOW (Level 2 or 3) Linking Hatha postures in a meditative state of flow, raising vibration and meeting your edge through combined sustained holding and a variety of sequences.
Lotus Flow gives strength, flexibility, energy, deepened breath, balance, focus and clarity of mind.
The class begins with tennis balls, an hour of flow and ends with relaxation and meditation. Mats available.

Yoga classes are 1hr 30 minutes in duration.

SUNDAY NIGHT CHANT                                                        Experience a musical ‘high’ through singing, drums, guitar, singing bowls, dotar, tambora and more. Follow your bliss and bring your friends! Sundays 7:30-9:30pm. $15 or donation

Using a two person communication technique within a group setting, we clear the mind of current problems or stuck issues. Instruction: Tell me what is occurring for you. Mondays 7:15 – 9:30pm. $15 or donation

We start with a 45 minute silent meditation moving into “Truth Speaks” discussions on topics assisting us to live an empowering life, ending with another 15 minute meditation.
Wednesdays 7:15 – 9:30pm $15

FRIDAY SPIRITUAL MOVIE NIGHT                                                   Join us for viewing a feature film with meditation, discussion, tea and popcorn. Bring your friends! Fridays once a month. 7-9pm $15


SCIENCE OF YOGA PHILOSOPHY Course                                           NEW! For Yoga students and yoga teachers!

The Science of Yoga, India’s revered scripture of Patanjali, from which the 8 limbs of Yoga has been popularized

in all Yoga Teacher Trainings……

This 6 session course will give an Introductory Overview of Patanjali, setting the foundation for follow up courses in each of the 4 chapters starting in January, 2016.

Alternate Thursdays 7-9pm, October 1, 15, 29, Nov 5, 19 and Dec 3, 2015

This is a great study and practice of bringing yoga philosophy into life for yoga students and teachers! These classes can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience as taught by Meranda Squires, who has lived and studied the scriptures in India for 17 years.

Each session includes handouts, chanting the sutras, discussion and meditation.

$15 drop in sessions or $75 for 6 classes

Contact: Meranda Squires at to reserve your seat in this course.


Training At The Lotus Centre

If you would like to be trained in living a yogi lifestyle with a yoga teaching career or if you are looking for some professional and personal development The Lotus Centre has something for you.

Yoga Teacher Training

If you would like to be guided in a yoga teaching career enroll in the Lotus Centre Yoga teacher training program.

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

Starts January 19, 2016.  Tuesdays once a month.  7-10pm

This  5 month Universal Meditation training will equip you in becoming confident in guiding meditation in groups or in private sessions for personal or professional purposes. $350




Workshops At The Lotus Centre

The Lotus Centre offers multiple workshops focused around living the yogi lifestyle.

Some of the workshops include;

Past Life Workshop,

Therapeutic Yoga Morning,

Introduction to Meditation Practice,

Thai Yoga Massage workshop 

and Yoga Cleansing Diet workshop.

View our schedule to find out more information and to enroll.

“Studying yoga at the Lotus center has changed my whole life. I feel much more aware of my body and my thoughts.”
-SH | Yoga Teacher Training


Tree Of Life Retreats

Discover the benefits of Retreats here.

The Tree of Life (TOL) is an off-grid retreat centre In St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland and it’s focused on connecting people with others and nature. The TOL Retreat Centre is an inspiring natural backdrop for The Lotus Centre’s popular yoga and meditation retreats.

Enlightenment Intensive Retreats

Participants are supported and guided through the many Stages of Enlightenment work using the enlightenment technique cutting through the barriers to Enlightenment

Meditation Retreats

Observe your thoughts and drift away from your day-to-day with an all-inclusive meditation experience at the beautiful TOL. Stay tuned for our meditation studio addition that will be opening up this summer.


Private Sessions

Meranda provides private sessions which are matured from her rich in-depth knowledge of eastern practices and living a yoga lifestyle in India and in the west.  You can book and view our sessions here.

For clients wanting to clear current problems, relationship issues, stuck conditions, difficult life transitions, traumatic incidents, sudden losses, major changes in lifestyle, making a decision, life purpose, money, trauma, bad karma and more.

Gentle rocking, deep yoga stretching, acupressure of energy lines and rhythmic compressions together create a unique therapeutic and relaxing massage experience.

These one-on-one sessions help the new yoga student find relief in body spasms and resistances and to learn a specific routine for personal practice. Sometimes this session can be helpful before starting a group yoga class.


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